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With rapid urbanisation comes the challenge of security and surveillance, both at a community level as well as at the national level. Cities have been aggressively expanding their surveillance capabilities by establishing various formats of video monitoring and alert detection systems. We offer a comprehensive platform for establishing a Unified Detection and Surveillance system.

This proprietary system comprises of several modules encompassing all aspects of security and surveillance requirements. The system includes advanced capabilities for video monitoring, facial detection and biometric identification as part of an expanded set of functionalities provided within its format. Specialised video capture devices and video servers have been designed and developed to work in extreme environments and deliver robust and reliable results. The system incorporates a Facial Recognition Algorithm developed by NTECH Labs of Russia and licensed to Macrocomm as a customised module designed to be inter-operable with the various devices developed by us.


a) Video Monitoring System

Networked IP cameras for continuous video surveillance with night vision capabilities

b) Perimeter Control

Motion sensors with automated response triggers

c) Intrusion Alarm System

Contact sensors with active couplers for doors and windows

d) Access Control System

Authenticated closed loop access devices with integrated security locks


a) Central Fire Safety Monitoring System

Real time monitoring and response management integrated with installed fire protection system

b) Automated Electrical Distribution Monitoring System

Load assessment, balancing, fault detection and management through central controller

c) Automated Emergency and Hazard Response System

Pre-programmed response management system for Medical and Security Emergencies

d) Isolated Monitoring and Feedback System

Specific localised spot monitoring and remote supervision for child and elderly dependants

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