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Intelligent devices which carry autonomous capabilities effectively translate unique ideas into truly demonstrable experiences. We design and manufacture a range of devices which have been enabled to deliver the value of augmented intelligence into everyday digital lifestyle management. Custom engineered hardware devices along with compatible software have been successfully deployed in various Smart Communities to address the needs arising out of extensive integration of machine intelligence for collaborative functions. These devices have been designed to achieve the benefits of cutting edge technologies that are supported through the exponentially evolving power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The first generation of intelligent devices developed by Macrocomm have won several global recognitions for having set the benchmark for many Information Appliances that were developed based on the functional boundaries set by them. The current generation of devices designed to work within the intelligent framework have been created with a specific differentiator in terms of overcoming built-in obsolescence which is the natural deficiency of the ubiquitous electronic devices serving existing Smart Communities.


Carbon Fiber medium V0_5 Iso View.png

Every automation solution offered by Macrocomm carries with it a dedicated Master Controller which is custom engineered to perform a specific set of routines. This device is ergonomically designed to provide ease of access to the control panel and to the set of programmable keys and dedicated buttons provided on the console. The controller circuit is designed to accommodate a flexible I/O platform that can engage all the protocols assigned by the various intelligent devices that service the networked facilities. This device can be used as a hub for home automation or configured to be used as a central HMI for managing a system within a closed loop of integrated functions. Connectivity extends both in the wired and wireless domains for IoT enabled devices operating within an intelligent framework.

The Video Capture Device is a proprietary equipment that forms a part of the platform offered by Macrocomm for Video Monitoring and surveillance. Two cameras are built into each module one for large area surveillance and the other for capturing biometric data for facial recognition. With on board storage and image processing capabilities, these cameras are installed as an integrated device to function without failure with a redundant power supply module built into the chassis. The device is designed with quick adaptation capabilities that allows these devices to be installed on the floor, on the ceiling and on the wall. This video capture device is designed as a complete platform that is capable of overcoming all the challenges posed by the existing cameras that serve the security and surveillance needs in the world. This device combines the aesthetics required for it to be installed in any environment securely without compromising the functional dynamics of the range, angle and intensity of the image that is required for effective management of a sophisticated Facial Recognition system.



The Process Control Servers are custom designed and manufactured for deployment as part of distributed networks that serve mission critical applications. Each server module is highly customised based on the requirements of a specifically targeted solution. The Chassis, cabinet and the structural elements of this server are designed to withstand all the challenges of difficult environments and are vandal proofed as they serve critical applications either for security and surveillance or for smart community applications. The power supply module provided within this unit is engineered both for endurance and for functional integrity. The system is designed to be on continuous engagement with liquid cooled dual processor capabilities and active heat transfer air circulation system. This server carries a custom engineered powered passive back plane that enable limited flexibility for hot swapping certain modules. Multiple interface Bus connectors are provided to enhance the add on capabilities and flexibility of the configuration. Several facilities are provided for mounting a range of storage devices and compatible special purpose modules required to deliver highly specialised functions.

Macrocomm offers a complete range of intelligent remote controllers that provide an enhanced user experience in terms of managing various functions offered as part of the smart system. These remote controllers are uniquely designed both in terms of physical dimensions and in terms of functionality. The remote controllers have specific functional advantages that have been customised for operating non-standard equipment with their peculiar demands on the type of interaction required. Most of the remote controllers offered by Macrocomm are project specific and do not allow interference. The devices are designed robust enough to endure the vagaries of normal usage and are equipped to operate in challenging environments. The compliance requirements set by various certifying agencies are incorporated as part of the basic design and as such the devices are designed to operate under safe working limits for human interaction.



This device is a natural progression from the desktop computer and the notebook, specifically designed to work under very rigorous environments and demanding applications. The main processors are designed to perform continuously at extremely high rate of processing capacity utilisation along with very high intensity of graphics processing. Typical applications of this device include a wide range of military grade control systems for mission critical applications. This device has a unique power systems module that is built in with the capability to support captive power for connected devices for a limited period of time. This device would be offered against order with highly specialised software embedded for applications outside the general commercial domain. This device combines the advantages of a portable system with that of a heavy-duty processing machine. Every aspect of the functional design for this machine is highly customisable as per the requirements of the project or application.

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