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With the advent of IoT several concepts have been introduced to intelligently integrate otherwise discrete devices which were hitherto independently managing electromechanical systems used within smart environments. We offer custom engineered IoT platforms that seamlessly integrate electronic control systems which govern multiple functionalities associated with intelligent buildings and smart communities. Advanced lifestyle adaptations have been assimilated into several public networks such as automated transportation, smart grids, healthcare and education services. As smart communities emerge into fully integrated smart environments, the need for Integrated Intelligence grows exponentially throwing up unprecedented challenges. We offer a structured solution that can be established layer by layer towards creating the building blocks essential for integrating smart communities with public networks offered as part of Smart City Development initiatives. Each of the solutions provided by us is custom engineered to deliver Integrated Intelligence for taking advantage of existing technical infrastructure offered under the communities evolving within Smart Living environments.


a) Shared Internet Wireless Interchange

Encrypted independent campus-wide access with shared bandwidth on internet

b) Audio-Video Management Centre

Programmable libraries with structured playlists for zones and interactive sequences

c) Device Control and Program Automation

Customised device management sub-routines for all internal facilities with electro-mechanical latches


a) Campus Intranet

Integrated portal for community activities and assignment and management of common amenities

b) On-line Authentication

Secure validation database for transaction management and authentication for e-commerce

c) Privilege Routines

Creation, despatch and management of action lists and third party instructions from residents

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