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Enhanced electrical, electromechanical and electronic control systems integrated into the conventional MEP structure of any building provides for a seamless connectivity between various functional blocks of the utilities and facilities enabling the operational integrity of a building. We deliver an intensively networked system covering all aspects of internal and external living environments including lighting, water supply, air-conditioning, security, safety, entertainment, emergency response, power management and various other specific operational functions. Our systems improve the working efficiency of all enabling systems by monitoring and refining their usage at functionally optimised levels thereby enhancing the safety, comfort and convenience of the people living in or using these buildings.


In addition to the ability to automatically monitor and control several individual functions, our systems provide a versatile mix of automated lifestyle management options with support functions for communication, entertainment and security management.


a) Air Quality Management

Filtering, wet scrubbing, disinfecting and deodorising station for centralised fresh air supply.

b) Electrical Distribution

Distributed electrical system with remote metering, power factor correction and electrical isolation.

c) Backup Power Supply

Standby power supply from diesel generators with intelligent cascade load management system.

d) Water Supply

Filtered and treated water supply for environment management and swimming pools.


a) Domestic Water Supply

Calibrated, segregated & regulated water supply for consumption and auxiliary use in each apartment.

b) Air Conditioning

Distributed air-conditioning with controlled regulation of variable air volume and refrigeration

c) Power Supply

Digitally managed Energy efficient internal distribution with advanced user safety features.

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