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MACROCOMM CONVERGENCE provides a seamlessly integrated proprietary platform for managing intelligent environments and offers technical services for design, development, product support, customisation and installation of primary equipment, transducers, controllers and other electro-mechanical devices.


MACROCOMM CONVERGENCE is a pioneer in the field of multi-format convergence. The unique strength of MACROCOMM CONVERGENCE lies in their ability to combine specialised resources from around the world and synthesise technologies to create solutions. Intelligent devices have been successfully deployed to serve applications in digital lifestyle management and smart environments.

Macrocomm offers a bridging platform for smart communities to seamless integrate with automated facilities that are a part of large public initiatives and advanced urban development programs for the establishment of smart cities.

Macrocomm offers a versatile suit of services through their custom engineered devices supported by advanced technologies that provide reliable and robust security solutions for Governments and urban communities.

Macrocomm offers a range of devices that are engineered to deliver the experience of the next generation of smart living as members of the evolving society that is rapidly adapting to lifestyle intervention through technologies.

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